I need it

I Need It!!!!

During the Christmas Holidays, I took my 2-year-old granddaughter to Toys R Us, as I needed to pick up some Christmas gifts. As we were walking through the store, her eyes lit up as she discovered all the things that were out there that she “needed”.  She would look at something and then say I NEED IT GRANDMA, I NEED IT!!!   I realized that had I not taken her into the store, she would never have realized all the things that were out there and all the things she NEEDED.

It occurred to me today, that sugar is a lot like that.  Normally throughout the year, I don’t eat a lot of sugar in my diet, and I don’t really miss it or crave it.  But then along comes Christmas, with all the fancy baking, desserts, fancy drinks, and lots of celebrations. I wasn’t missing sugar until I started to eat it and now my body is screaming I NEED IT!!!

Today being the beginning of a new year and a new week, I decided to get back on track with clean eating. I didn’t realize how hard it would be as my body is craving sugar.  I know I will get back on track, and I know that soon, I will enjoy my veggies again.  But not today.  Today I just hear the sweet voice of my granddaughter saying I NEED IT GRANDMA, I NEED IT.



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