Spring is Here, Let’s Declutter

berries-221193_1920Will this winter ever end?  Oh ya, the calendar states that spring has arrived but ……..it sure seems to be taking its sweet time this year. Waking up to the singing birds every morning does remind me that Spring is actually here, even if it is not as warm and sunny as I would like it.

Last week when we had a couple of warm days and I started to think about all the things I wanted to do this summer.  The warm sun just seemed to energize me.  I found myself setting new goals for this summer. Biking, hiking, and sightseeing. Actually, I think Spring is a much better time to make “New Year’s Resolutions”, or at least to set new goals. When the sun is stronger and warmer, we just feel our energy levels go up.

All living creatures start to come out of dormancy and get more active as the temperatures rise.  It is so fun to watch our 9 year old dog, who lies around all winter long, run around like a puppy again.

For me Spring also brings about thoughts of spring cleaning and decluttering. Opening the windows and freshening up the inside and outside of our homes. This leads to me wonder about spring cleaning and decluttering our bodies. What do you do to prepare your body for the fun that awaits you this summer? Have you cleaned out the junk?  Maybe you need to shed a few extra pounds; maybe you need to get your body moving more; perhaps you  just feel like you want to eat healthier; or maybe you just need to figure out how to carve out some more time for family and friends.

Let’s hit the reset button and declutter!

This year why not do a spring cleaning and declutter your body – start with clearing out the should’s

  • I should eat healthier
  • I should go to the gym
  • I should have less screen time
  • I should ( you fill it in)

And start with taking small steps towards a healthier more decluttered life.

  • try a new green vegetable
  • have some down time and hang out at your local farmers market
  • BBQ’s with friends
  • dust off the bike, feel the wind in your face and the sun on your back
  • start a gratitude journal

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to lighten, declutter and simplify our lives.

We only get one body, so love the body you are in.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to declutter your life and make some healthier choices so you can love the life you are living, e-mail me, I would love to connect with you.



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