Uniquely Created


Hi, I’m Debbie:

…and here’s how I came to “Just Be” me. That’s what you’re gonna get here. Just me talking about my own journey to wellness with lots of nutrition and fitness facts, finds, & recipes packed in there!

Two years ago, my husband and I left our family home in Ontario to begin a two year adventure in Calgary, Alberta. We left our jobs, our dear family and friends, as well as the comfort of everything that was familiar to us. My husband was ready for a career change of sorts and had taken a temporary position within his current company in Calgary. I just left my job altogether. This meant a season of changes; I didn’t know at the time how many.

You are probably thinking right now, what kind of changes? Well, I had a world of possibilities before me and an incredibly supportive man by my side. There were two things that I knew: I had two years to “spread my wings”, so to speak, and I had clear direction from God through my quiet time that I was to “Just Be”. This was a command that I felt God was strongly placing on my heart though I had no idea how to “Just Be” or what that even meant.

Well, I’m still on my way to figuring that out and I believe I always will be. However, I know that stepping back from the busyness of life has allowed me to go on a journey 2 discovery which is leading me to my passion which is a journey 2 wellness.

I was diagnosed with a Chronic Disease about 20 years ago and while trying to figure out what works best for my body, my interest in fitness and Nutrition started to take on a bit larger role in my life. While in Calgary, I have become a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Health Coach.

My desire is to not only communicate what I have learned with you, but also share in your journey 2 wellness and to journey with you and help you to learn to “Just Be”.

Let’s have some fun getting into the kitchen and enjoy cooking simple whole foods that help heal the body and get you in a space where you feel ready to work on just be-ing Uniquely you.








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