3 Steps to Great Abs


imagesGreat abs in 3 Easy Steps

As a Personal Trainer, the question I am asked most often is “I want to have a flat stomach, or a 6 pack, what exercises should I do to achieve this?”  I usually smile and say, yes, I can give you three easy steps to get great abs.



The 3 “easy” steps are:

  1. Increase Cardio
  2. Strength Training
  3. Eat Clean

Well there you have it, 3 easy steps to have great abs.  I know what you’re thinking……

I’m sure by now I’ve lost most of my readers as I didn’t give them what they wanted, a quick fix to great abs, but for those of you that are still with me, let me just break down some of the myths that are out there.

Many believe that they can do crunches every day, or planks, and that they can target that fat around their mid-section and it will turn to muscle. As they do the crunches they feel the burn and believe they are turning the fat into muscle and that will give them a flat stomach/great abs.

Myth buster – Fat does not magically turn to muscle; in fact it can’t turn into muscle. Fat and muscle are two very different things. Muscle is active tissue that burns calories, and fat is just storage of excess energy.

If all you do is a lot of crunches and ab exercises, you may very likely get a 6 pack, but it will be hidden under the belly fat and, when you put on your bathing suit, no one will be able to see it even though you may have great ab muscles.

The good news is, it may take a bit of time and you will need to make some changes, but you can reach your goal!!!

Let’s break down the 3 “easy” steps for you.

Cardio – Fat is stored energy, so let’s get moving and burn up that energy. It doesn’t have to be high intensity cardio, just get the body moving. Let’s burn that fat.

Strength Training – Along with many other health benefits, muscle burns calories.  It doesn’t mean you need to spend hours at the gym, there are a lot of ways to get weight training in that don’t require going to a gym or purchasing a lot of equipment. When you weight train, you build up lean muscle mass which basically serves as a calorie burning powerhouse in your body.

Clean Eating – What you put into your body is so important. Be good to your body as this is the only body you get. When you start eating foods without labels you no longer need to count calories.

If you are looking to have great abs (and a strong core) and would like help in achieving your health goals, call me and let’s talk about a plan of action that will work for you and your lifestyle.

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