I have not posted in a while, as I have been living a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato life but it is time to start drinking water again. Simple refreshing water.

I am getting back to what I am passionate about and what lights me up. I started this business because I love to journey with people to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Yesterday I heard a sermon on simplicity. Since then, I have thought a lot about this word.  Something about the word SIMPLE feels so freeing to me.

What comes to mind for you when you think of simplicity?

  • less clutter
  • freedom
  • more time
  • balance

During the sermon, we were asked to shout out a word or phrase that comes to mind when we think of simplicity.  One word that was shouted out was Water. That image was very profound for me.

Water, pure, simple no additives. Refreshes and nourishes. Even saying the word is simple.

The reality is that for most of us, life is more of a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato. A whole lot of extra stuff we don’t always need.

What do you need to take out of your life to live more simply?

I have decided that one way for me to simplify my life is to keep track of my time and stay focused on my goal. I am going to start paying attention to how much time I spend on unnecessary things, the things that get too much of my attention.

If you feel you need some freedom from living a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato life, e-mail me and let’s start your journey to living SIMPLE.

If you are already living a simplified life, please feel free to share some of your ideas or tips on how you make this happen.





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